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Anesthesia Monitoring for Your Dental Patient

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Veterinary Anesthesia Monitoring

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The focus of this course will be to provide the participant with an understanding of the importance of monitoring the anesthetized patient effectively and safely. Effective care and monitoring of the patient begins by understanding the components of general anesthesia, including various stages and planes. Adequate depth of anesthesia and appropriate physiologic responses to anesthetic drugs and the state of general anesthesia will be discussed. All anesthetic drugs have some detrimental effects on various organ systems in the body. The most common and most serious side effects are cardiovascular and respiratory depression. Appropriate monitoring, invasive and non-invasive methods, of these systems will be discussed in detail. After completing this course, the participant will have a better understanding of depth of anesthesia, effective cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring to ensure a safe anesthetic event for the patient.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Veterinarians and Technicians

METHOD OF DELIVERY: Online Live Webinar

TUITION: $65.00



8:00 PM (EST) Introductions, web conference format and rules
8:05 Patient evaluation
8:15 Components of general anesthesia, including various stages and planes (depth)
Cardiovascular system monitoring parameters
Respiratory system monitoring parameters
Anesthesia concerns
8:55 Questions/discussion

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